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Welcome to SogoSolar, specialists in the design and installation of solar panel systems for domestic and commercial customers in London, Surrey, Essex and the South East.

If you prefer to know exactly who you are dealing with you have come to the right place. We offer an honest, transparent, traditional approach which includes monitoring system performance for two years from installation.

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We know many of you are put off solar by its appearance. Here at SogoSolar we specialise in ‘integrated’ solar roofs which offer a much more sympathetic alternative. Please see below for more info.

Building Integrated Solar PV Systems

Building integrated solar PV systems are often considered a more aesthetically acceptable option for installing solar. We offer a wide range of either ‘in roof’ or ‘integrated’ solar pv systems to meet these concerns.



‘In roof’ and ‘integrated’ solar PV systems are those in which the solar PV array itself forms the weatherproofing barrier of the roof, and as such, they replace the conventional tiles or slates. Such systems are aesthetically more sensitive and are often specified in locations where planning restrictions precluded the use of traditional framed modules installed ‘above’ the roof.

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Building Integrated Solar PV Systems

Battery Storage

With FIT levels so low these days it is important to find way to maximise self consumption of the energy generated. One way to do this is to incorporate a battery storage system which will store energy generated during the day and make it available during the evening when the PV system has shut down.

We are accredited Tesla Energy installers and would be happy to advise on the suitability of this or any other suitable battery storage solution.

Battery Storage

How much do solar panels cost?

How much do solar panels cost ?

The cost of installing a 4kWp solar PV system has more than halved since the early days in 2011 to between £6,000 – £7,500 depending on the specification of the system and the method of installation.

Even if you factor in the cost of having a replacement inverter installed during the 25 year lifespan, the savings made exceed the system plus replacement costs.

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How much do solar panels cost?

Understanding Solar PV

Solar Panel Systems Imagine a life without light… Life just cannot exist without it and we (the planet) receive an enormous amount of solar radiation. In fact, the earth receives enough solar energy every hour to meet the world’s annual

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Designed for you At SogoSolar we do not install ‘kits’, all our systems are bespoke – designed specifically for your property and your requirements. Wherever possible we use components from manufacturers with UK or EU based support teams. This in

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The concept of clean green electricity from your own home power station once seemed a fanciful dream world, featuring cars that didn’t use petrol and a hand held super computer to check energy consumption from anywhere on the planet. This

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