Refuel With Solar

If you are driving an EV – you should be looking to refuel with solar. As the transport sector decarbonises, the market for electric cars is growing fast, and if you are making the switch, you should be looking to refuel with solar by charging your car from solar power.

Solar power is the most economic and environmental way to charge / refuel your EV. 

With the addition of a smart EV charger, you have control over how you charge;

1 – The most economically solution is to use surplus solar energy from your panels to ‘trickle charge’ your EV during the day;

2 – Use ‘time of use’ charging by accessing cheap / off peak electricity by signing up to a Smart Tariff;

3 – For an urgent charge, just plug in and charge at any time.

Smart chargers are compatible with all full electric and hybrid cars, and with more and more manufacturers bringing EV’s to market, this is surely the smart way to drive !


Refuel with Solar

If you already have solar, then the addition of smart EV charger allows you to do this immediately. See below, for our recommended solutions. There are grants available meaning you can recover 75% of the cost of the EV charger up to £350 under the OLEV scheme. SogoSolar are an authorised installer under this scheme.

If you’re looking at installing a new system we would be pleased to help design and install this. Please contact us.

Please note, SogoSolar do not solely install charging points, but only as part of a complete renewable solution with solar panels and/or a storage battery. If your requirement is just for a charging point, please contact a specialist installer.

MyEnergi Zappi

zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a traditional EV charger, it can also charge your EV using 100% FREE energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation.

Here’s the SMART bit. zappi can charge for FREE using your Solar PV during the day and be set to charge at the most economical times at night if you have preferred economy rates from your energy provider. All controllable by the myenergi APP.

No Solar? No Problem!! If you don’t have a PV system, zappi can still operate like an ordinary EV charging station importing from the grid. You can always add your solar system later.

zappi ev charger

SolarEdge EV Inverter

SolarEdge are one the leading manufacturers of Inverters and their latest product brings the world of Electric cars and solar panels even closer together with the world’s first EV inverter. In a simple package designed to make it even easier for these two technologies to work together – so you can power your car from sunshine.

SolarEdge’s EV charging single phase inverter enables homeowners to charge their electric vehicles directly from the power of the sun, maximizing their solar usage and further reducing their electricity bills. They will also benefit from the ability to charge EVs up to 2.5 times faster than a standard EV charger through an innovative solar boost mode that utilizes grid and PV charging simultaneously.

By installing the EV charging inverter, you’ll benefit from the reduced hassle of installing separately a standalone EV charger and a PV inverter, as well as integration with the SolarEdge monitoring platform.