The Renewable Energy Revolution

Introducing the Smart Electric Home of the Future

Since 2010, a quiet revolution has been unfolding across the UK, one which is transforming the way you obtain and use electricity in the home and in your business. Recent technical developments, in the form of battery storage, electric vehicles and smart tariffs, are now helping to supercharge this transition. Join the Renewable Energy Revolution.

If you want to :

  1. Achieve 70% + self sufficiency
  2. Reduce your bills
  3. Slash your carbon emissions
  4. Control how you obtain and use electricity
  5. Support jobs in the local green economy
    Just follow these 5 steps :



5 Steps to the Energy Revolution

1. Install Solar Panels

Homes with solar panels typically buy 30% less electricity from their supplier. This saves on bills and helps to cut carbon emissions, essential if we are to keep global warming within tolerable limits.



    Panasonic Solar Panels

    2. Install a battery storage system

    With this system you charge the batteries with surplus solar energy during the day, and make it available in the evenings when demand rises. Properties with a well-designed solar and battery system, can typically cut their purchased electricity demand by 70%, thus saving even more on bills.


    Tesla Powerwall

    3. Install an Immersion Controller

    If you have a hot water cylinder you can also use solar power to heat your domestic hot water. Perfect for the summer months.



      Tesla Powerwall

      4. Switch to an Electric Vehicle

      You may already be considering buying an electric car. But, when you switch to an electric vehicle. With a smart charger, in the summer you can refuel from your solar. This helps to reduce your motoring costs and further maximises the consumption of the electricity you are generating. Join the renewable energy revolution.



        Tesla Powerwall

        5. Switch to a Smart Electricity Tariff

        This gives you access to cheap electricity at night, so you can charge your battery at night in the winter when there is less sun, and then use the stored electricity during the day when prices are higher. Some of these tariffs even pay you to ‘take’ electricity at times of national surplus – crazy but true!



          Tesla Powerwall

          We are here to help you join this revolution.  

          For more information about investing in ‘renewables’ and how we can help you reduce your bills, cut your carbon emissions, and support local jobs in the green economy, contact us today.