Buckinghamshire Solar Panels

Buckinghamshire Solar Panels Installation : Background

Installed in December 2011 when the solar market was in turmoil, this was our third solar panel installation in Buckinghamshire. Installed on a plain tile roof,  this neat little system, facing due west down the garden, has performed consistently well over the years. In fact its performance has got better year after year.
More importantly we have another satisfied client.

About SogoSolar Solar Panels

We are specialists in the design and installation of solar panel systems for domestic and commercial customers in Buckinghamshire, London and the South East.
We know that investing in solar energy remains one of the smartest decisions you could make today. However, we also know that you may have questions or concerns before making the decision.

Looking good 

We know many of you are put off solar by its appearance. Here at SogoSolar we specialise in ‘integrated’ solar roofs which offer a much more sympathetic alternative. With ‘In roof’ and ‘integrated’ systems, the solar PV array itself forms the weatherproofing barrier of the roof, and as such, they replace the conventional tiles or slates.
Such systems are aesthetically more sensitive and are often specified in locations where planning restrictions preclude the use of traditional framed modules installed ‘above’ the roof.

Designed for you 

At SogoSolar all our systems are bespoke – designed specifically for your property. In addition, we only use components from manufacturers with UK or EU based support teams. This in turn means that we are much better placed to support you, our customer.

Peace of mind 

All our installations come with an insurance-backed 5 year workmanship warranty, plus a comprehensive after care service, which includes monitoring system performance for two years from installation. This has proved a valuable feature for many of our customers, enabling them to monitor the output of individual panels, as well as their overall energy usage.

Money matters 

Solar remains a smart financial investment, with over half a million households in the UK taking advantage of the financial benefits possible. Owners of solar PV systems receive a tax-free income for all the extra energy they generate for 20 years from installation. Not only do they earn money, but also save money on their bills when using the energy generated within their property.
Even better, is that installation costs have more than halved over the last few years, and give returns of between 10% to 12% for domestic installations.

No call centres here! 

If you prefer to know exactly who you are dealing with, you have come to the right place. We offer an honest, transparent, old fashioned approach, in which you will always deal direct with experienced professionals. If you’d like to find out more do please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

Technical specification for Buckinghamshire Solar Panels Installation:

Brand: Schott
No. of panels: 9
Facing: West
Postcode: SL

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YR 1 YIELD: 105 %
YR 2 YIELD: 106 %
YR 3 YIELD: 108 %

buckinghamshire solar panels


buckinghamshire solar panels performance graph