Solar Panels Twickenham

This installation in November 2014 represents one of the first of its kind in London in which an in roof solar system is combined with velux windows as part of a loft conversion. By coordinating both elements of the refurbishment, the client was able to able to maximise both the amount of natural light available in the loft conversion and maximise the size of the solar array.

This represents a highly innovative solution which is well suited to the London area where loft conversions are common place but often then leave little to no room for a solar PV system.

We think the end result looks great, and more importantly, so does the client …. ‘I am thrilled with the end result. I had spent considerable time researching the market and was delighted when I came across Ben and the integrated solar panel and velux system. I have gained an extra liveable room, the ability to generate my own electricity as well as cutting my bills. Ben also provided a web based product enabling me to see exactly how much electricity each panel and the whole system generates.’

‘It was much cheaper and less disruptive to have two major changes done at the same time. Ben produced a great finish inside and out and ensured all the work was smoothly coordinated with the loft conversion company and roofer. I chose to work with Ben because he was very honest, helpful and informative.’