Lewisham Solar Installation

Lewisham Solar Installation

The brief for this Lewisham Solar Panels Installation was to install a 4 kWp solar PV system mounted at the bottom of the back garden.

In order to ensure maximum exposure we decided to use a carport structure on which to mount the 16 x 250W JA Solar Smart panels and the Solaredge inverter system to ensure maximum yield.

SoGoSolar are accredited SolarEdge Advanced Installers.

The Solaredge inverter system results in each panel being electrically independent.  This confers a number of benefits over conventional string system inverters including:

  • Improved energy yield due to lower losses from shading and module mismatch as losses are restricted to the affected panel rather than the whole ‘string’.
  • Real time and historic performance data at both module and system level.
  • Safe DC mode. On the loss of AC power, only 1Vdcis generated per panel.
  • Market leading warranty terms of 12 years for the main inverter.

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Technical Specification

System Size: 4 kWp
Estimated Yield: 3238 kWh/pa
Modules: JA Solar Smart 250W
Inverter: SolarEdge
Commissioned: Dec 2015
Facing: SE
Postcode: SE6

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