Solar Panels Epsom

Solar Panels Epsom: Background

The system, comprising 15 Sanyo high efficiency panels, was fitted on both the south and west facing roofs of this large detached house during this Epsom Solar Panels installation.

An SMA Sunny Beam bluetooth device was provided with the system enabling the client to easily monitor performance. We are pleased to report that after over 3 years of faultless operation the system continues to exceed our original projections.

SogoSolar Ltd is a team of expert solar panel installers of domestic and commercial solar panel (PV) systems across London, Surrey and the South East. In addition to our Banstead solar panels installation service, we provide and install solar thermal systems as well as providing LED lighting installations.
As one of the foremost solar panel installation companies in the South East, our aim is to provide a bespoke and highly customer focused service. To achieve this we remain an independent installer, so each of our PV systems is designed specifically for the job in question. We almost always use leading European manufacturers with market leading products and customer support. We have long established relationships with a small number of suppliers who themselves have excellent technical support from these manufacturers. This enables us to provide our customers with a high level of customer support in the unlikely event of faults developing.

SogoSolar is based in Twickenham, Middlesex and installs solar panels in London, Surrey, Bucks, Herts and Essex.

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Customer Feedback

Thank you Ben for the excellent job you have done on our solar panel installation. Both on the roofs and in the loft the installation looks very smart. It’s been particularly pleasing that so far we have been generating an average of 14 kilowatt hours per day (in June).

Thanks for the care, attention and skill you have displayed in preparing, explaining and commissioning the equipment...” B & M A

Technical Specification

No. of panels: 15
Facing: SW
Postcode: KT17