4 benefits of solar panel battery storage

Solar panel battery storage is becoming increasingly popular and it’s no surprise when you discover all the benefits it can bring to your household!

Solar panels have traditionally been a popular and trusted use of renewable energy but limited by their main flaw of dependence on the sun to produce energy for homeowners. The autumnal and winter months further demonstrate the impracticality of solar panels as there are fewer and fewer daylight hours to reap the rewards from.

However, this problem is precisely what solar panel battery storage tackles, serving as a game changer in the renewable energy industry. The battery is connected to the solar panel system you have installed, and any excess energy produced from the panels is sent to the battery and stored until you require it, such as later at night when the panels are capturing no solar energy and when your household needs it the most.  The most widely available solar batteries in the UK are lead-acid and lithium-ion, with the latter costing more yet having a longer lifespan and working more efficiently.

Benefit of Solar Panel Battery storage

What are the benefits?

1. Independence

The main benefit of solar panel battery storage is the independence it gives you, ultimately offering you the ability to manage your own electricity use and reduce your reliance on the National Grid. With the surplus energy stored in the battery, you will no longer have to suffer from power cuts or shortages in the area, enabling you to switch it on whenever is required.

2. Savings

The financial benefits might be the area you are most interested in, and because solar batteries give you more control over your energy usage, you will also be more financially resilient. This is because this surplus energy you have stored protects you against rising power costs, and means you are using less of the power from the National Grid therefore reducing your monthly bills! The price of a solar panel battery will vary between the capacity it holds (how much you intend to use it for). Please contact us for a quote: https://sogosolar.co.uk/get-a-quote

3. More Sustainable

Using solar panels in the first place is a step in the right direction for living more sustainably. However, as previously mentioned, fewer daylight hours and unforeseen circumstances like power cuts will mean you may at times have to resort to traditional fossil fuel energy resources to power your homes. When you have saved up solar energy in your battery to use at night, you’re able to sustain your green lifestyle throughout the whole day and ultimately drive your carbon footprint down.

4. Adaptability

Another benefit is the adaptability of the batteries, since you are able to have them retrofitted to your solar panel system at any point, as well as being able to change the sizes to whatever suits your needs best.

Please contact us for a quote: https://sogosolar.co.uk/get-a-quote