Integrated Solar Panels

Latest Integrated Solar Panels Installation


In May we installed our first integrated solar panels using the GBSol ‘Roof Integrated System’. In the ‘RIS’ system the 4mm glass laminates are manufactured separately from the supporting aluminium framework.  This enables non standard roof shapes to be accommodated and helps to maximise the area of roof available for solar PV.

In this installation the array comprised of 9 laminates, 6 x 250W and 3 x 125.

The first stage of the installation involves fixing of the aluminium framework to the roof  which is fabricated with a rebate to accommodate the 4mm laminates. The laminates are then secured in place via a riveted capping strip.

This system has been designed and installed to sit flush with the zinc roof of this bespoke ‘self build’ in north west London.

The array, with its different wattage panels required the use of the Solaredge inverter system which is ideally suited to arrays in which the output of panels may vary.

If you are interested in any of the integrated solar PV we can install please give us a call on 0800 0025833.

Ben Saunders July 24, 2017

June was a scorcher, one of the UK’s hottest ever. It led to solar power breaking all records and providing a quarter of the country’s electricity: On 7 June, renewables generated more electricity than coal and gas for the first time ever in Britain – 50.7%. Include nuclear and low carbons and this figure rises to 72.1%. According to National Grid, days before on 26 May, Photovoltaic panels generated 8.7GW of demand, beating the previous high of 8.48GW. It’s been a good year. Cast your mind back to March and Britain didn’t use…

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