Leytonstone Solar Panels

Leytonstone Solar Panels

Using just 5 Panasonic 240W panels on an east-south-east facing roof of a flat in Leytonstone, East London, this modest 1.2 kWp system was designed to provide the owner with an income stream sufficient to pay for around 75% of the owner’s gas and electricity bills. This was a realistic objective back in 2011.

Quick Efficient Installation
This system was installed in one day using the traditional ‘on roof’ system in which the panels sit on rails above the tiles.

Quality Products
For this client, high quality components were a priority and therefore we selected high efficiency Panasonic panels (Sogosolar is an accredited Panasonic Premium Installer) and an SMA inverter.

Panasonic is a recognised world leader in consumer electronics and technology and their ‘HIT’ panels come with a market leading 15 year product warranty, which as of 2017 can now be extended to 25 years. Latest information from Panasonic reveals a record low failure claim rate of 0.005% over the last 10 years in Europe. Click here for more on Panasonic solar panels.

For over 30 years SMA has been a global leader in the Solar PV inverter business and currently operates in over 20 countries. SMA products therefore have a proven track record and we can attest to this from our own experience as we have been installing SMA inverters since day one. The company also has a UK based technical support team to back up installers. To visit the SMA website click here.

System Performance
After the first five years of operation the system is still exceeding our original projections. We saw a slight dip in performance in Yr 2, but discovered that this was due to a damaged TV aerial which was creating shade over the array.  This was quickly rectified and the system was back to optimum performance in no time.

Designed for you
At SogoSolar all our systems are bespoke – designed specifically for your property. In addition, we only use components from manufacturers with UK or EU based support teams. This in turn means that we are much better placed to support you, our customer.

Peace of mind
All our installations come with an insurance-backed workmanship warranty, plus a comprehensive after care service, which includes monitoring system performance for two years from installation. This has proved a valuable feature for many of our customers, enabling them to monitor the output of individual panels, as well as their overall energy usage.

Customer Feedback

“The installation was quick and hassle free, the guys were great and if you are thinking of installing solar PV you should definitely talk to So Go Solar. I also got one of the bluetooth remote monitors and I love coming home and tweaking my Sunny Beam to see what’s been happening”
– EM

Leytonstone Solar Panels: Technical Specification

System Size: 1.2 kWp
Estimated Yield: 957 kWh/pa
Modules: Sanyo HIT 240
Inverter: SMA SB1200
Commissioned: Mar 2011
No. of panels: 5
Facing: SE
Postcode: E11


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