Redbridge Commercial

Redbridge Commercial


Three days before xmas 2013 we were in Essex and completed this Redbridge commercial solar installation.  It provided a 10kWp system comprising 40 Panasonic 240W panels and a Power One inverter.

Installed for the owner Gordon Bullock, a life long fishing nut and all round good guy, the solar panel system complemented the existing solar thermal system and ground source heat pump.

As the facility has no mains gas, electricity consumption has historically been high.  It is hoped that this solar pv system will make a significant dent in utility bills as it is projected to generate around 9000kWh of energy per year.

The array was installed on a purpose built structure and designed to cover every square inch of the metal roof. The structure was built to ‘hide’ the assortment of ISO containers that had provided storage for the business over the years.  A great improvement.

Customer Feedback

“I love working with professionals who really know their job, especially when you are breaking boundaries.  This was a challenging task, building something that would accommodate the panels and Ben’s knowledge and attention to detail helped make the finished product blend in with the natural environment. This is a genuine company, the guy really knows his stuff and is passionate about his work.” – Graham Bullock 2014

Redbridge Commercial Solar Installation:
Technical Specifications

System Size: 9.6kWp
Estimated Yield: 8995 kWh/pa
Modules: Panasonic 240W
Inverter: Power One PVI10.0TL
Commissioned: Jan 2014
No. of panels: 40
Facing: South
Postcode: IG8


Redbridge commercial solar installation