Solar Panels, Epsom Surrey

Solar Panels, Epsom Surrey : Installation & Background

We were blessed with fair weather for this Solar Panels, Epsom Surrey installation. We installed 10 REC 250W modules across two roofs to provide a 2.5kWp system. Given the multiple pitches and orientations on which we were installing, we decided to use the Solaredge microinverter system rather than a traditional single string inverter.

The advantage of micro inverters are:

a) that the output of each pair of panels is independent from other pairs, hence losses due to shading are minimised and multiple orientations can be accommodated;

b) module level monitoring comes as standard via a web portal.
This enables both ourselves and the client to clearly see what each module is producing at any point in time. Should any problems occur with the system this level of monitoring data enables us to easily pinpoint the fault.

ewell solar panels

Ewell Solar Panels : Technical specification

Brand: REC
No. of panels: 10
Facing: South
Postcode: KT19

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YR 1 YIELD: 119 %

ewell solar panels performance data

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