Solar panel installations

We are specialist solar panel installers. We focus exclusively on designing and installing solar panel systems and pride ourselves on:
– the experience of our installation team and the quality of our work;
– the high quality of the products we install; and
– and our high level of customer care. This extends to monitoring the performance of our clients energy systems for the first 2 years. We believe that this serves to demonstrate a high level of customer care and helps us identify the best solar panels for any particular scenario.

From our Twickenham base the majority of our solar panels are installed across London and Surrey. We also have a number of solar pv systems further afield in Essex, Herts and Bucks. Our database of solar panel installations contains details on location, solar panel brand and number of solar panels together with system performance data. Please use either the map below or the search function below left to find a solar pv system which matches your requirements.

If you do not find what you are looking for please get in touch and we will direct you to the most appropriate solar panel system.