Thumbs Up from Vince Cable

Twickenham MP and Government Business Secretary Vince Cable recently paid a visit to an innovative solar PV system we recently installed. Dr Cable gave the installation his seal of approval stating  ‘my party is committed to delivering a low carbon economy and it is fantastic to see SogoSolar, a local solar panel company, deliver affordable and sustainable solutions.’

This Building Integrated PV (BIPV) system was designed with the client as part of a loft conversion. By working closely with the client and the loft conversion company we were able to ensure that both the desire to maximise natural light and to maximise energy generation were achieved. We are very pleased with the finish on this exacting install and are especially delighted that Vince Cable paid us a visit to give his support to both us as a local business, and to the solar PV sector as a whole.

This is believed to be only the second such installation in London in which affordable, off the shelf products, have been used to integrate Velux windows into a solar array.  Up until now such a system would have required an expensive architect designed solution.

The system gives the whole installation an integrated appearance and cleverly incorporates Velux windows into the recent loft conversion.

SogoSolar completed the installation in late 2014 and invited Mr Cable to visit the completed array for a quick site survey during February.

The 2.1kWp system uses LG Solar modules, SolarEdge Power Optimisers and a SolarEdge Inverter which allows the new system owner Karen to monitor individual module and overall system performance online on a regular basis.

The modules, power optimisers and inverter components were supplied by BayWa r.e. Solar Systems and the integrated mounting system from French manufacturer IRFTS were supplied by All Eco Energy Ltd.

Speaking after the install Karen said:

“I am thrilled with the result. I had spent considerable time researching the market and was delighted when I came across Ben and the integrated solar panel and Velux system.

“I have gained an extra liveable room, the ability to generate my own electricity as well as cutting my bills. Ben also provided me a web based product enabling me to see exactly how much electricity each panel and the whole system generates.”

Ben Saunders added: